Bridge Club Boekelo

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Bridge Club Boekelo 

   On Wednesday evening every fortnight our pleasant bridge club plays  from 19.45 tot 23.00 hour in Café de Buren in Boekelo.
In total we play 6 competitions of  3 sessions in a year, with promotion and degradation.
There are drives with Christmas,  Easter and at the end of the season.
At this moment bridge is played in three groups of 10- and  one of 8 couples, but we could do with  some extra competitors.

You can enter alone or with a partner; just call the
chairman:         Ms. R.Ploeger   tel. 053 – 4281753  or the
match leader:   Ms. M.Westera  tel. 053 – 4282433.
secretary :        Mr. H.Bolck via e-mail 

    Everye Thursday at noon just after a bridge evening the results will be set on my  Website:  together with the yearly results.
The slams made during the season are to be seen as well. 

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