This program is created to play a Tennis-competition with only "doubles" and changing pairs every time.
Tennis calculates the schemes for the tennis-court and the division of the players on the different playgrounds
When you start the program the opening window is shown below: (click for full-sized picture)

  Window of  Members  TennisDB.JPG (53839 bytes)

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Of all the tennis-pairs names are inserted in a file of members split by preference in man and women. Every time when there is competition you select the players by clicking the action column. Then you make a scheme by means of the number of ladies and gentleman, rounds and courts and number of doubles and mixed doubles.. The Tennis-program  "Dubbels"  then calculates the division of the courts for all rounds and all pairs or teams on a most  intelligent way.
      After a successful calculation you can simply show the court-division, the formation of the tennis-players and the number of games from each player.  The number of members is in principally unlimited, but it is assumed to be that a reasonable maximum of 10 courts and 18 play-rounds is to be used.
Mixed doubles can be played in addition to a normal double competition of gentleman or ladies


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Important menu-options:
- File | Open:  Read a members-list file.
- Edit | Insert. Insert and change members.
        With the button "Turven" (Select) on the statusbar you choose all the members for the competition in question!
- Scheme | with names:  With this option all the data of the competition in question are selected, specially the total numbers of man and women and the numbers of playing pairs on the courts and for each round
- Results | Pairs-division: Shows the names of the contestants for each court and round.
De results may be printed out. 
Example of Scheme plan with names

      In the Scheme Plan-window you will find all parameters required for the calculation of a competition.
Iif necessary this may be altered.

       For every round you can select the number of courts for man as well as for woman.
The number of courts for ladies is set  normally on the rest value of the available courts. A scheme for only man
or only woman can also be realised.
Division from the number of doubles and mixed doubles is possible.
Number of rounds is limited on 18, the number of courts has a maximum of 10.
There are some play-options and wait-options between the games adjustable

Wouldl you like to try the Tennis Program  use then the demo-version: DBDemo

This is a complete program with all the necessary sub-files  Download DBDemo, and save it.
After DBDemo has been saved and executed it will be automatically installed.
An original version can be ordered by submitting an Order via e-mail or filling in and send by post an OrderForm.
Even downloading, after a request as "Attachment" of a e-mail is possible.
The program is sent to you on CD, after confirmation of  payment

To download the demo-version, click  Download Tennis