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You can easy download the next programs:


"Kasboek" for managing  your finances at home or for a small business
A very easy handy program, for a clear overview of your receipts and expenditures. Your finances are directly accessible from well-ordered surveys. So the information you will use together will be  kept together.
It's the easiest way to work with your accounts. Managing your investments is possible as well. 
In total there are 100 accounts to open, and an unlimited number or groups or categories.
After a short work up period you spare a lot of time in to get through your finances.  For the most important actions and transactions there are some "wizards". The latest Kasboek versions have an option for Internet banking with the Postbank,  Rabobank, SNS bank and ABN-Amro bank..  
Click:   KBProgram     
Bridge calculation-program: "BCup"
for bridge-competitions, bridge-drives and -tournaments.
This handy calculation program for processing the results of a bridge-contest is now ready for all  Windows versions. The DOS version from BCup  used for about 10 year in Bridge Club Boekelo is  obsolete herafter. The new BCup program is user-friendly and conveniently arranged; there for capable to process scores,  results and slam-reviews. You may use of it on competition sessions of a  bridge-club or on a free drive with a random number of competitors. Travelling score sheets, schemes, counting lists, personal or results or group results can easily be showed and printed.
BCup works still works with travelling score sheet or score-slips.  This advantage that everything is on paper in case that the computer is not available shouldn't be underestimated.
Click also: BridgeProgram
Tennis-program: "Dubbels"  so called because it is mainly meant for a tennis-competition for 4  players or 'doubles'. I may be used for a competition or a tournament.
It is a specific program which has been used by a big tennis-union in Enschede.  The number of competitors is different every contest and also the number of tennis-games varies each time.
This program is unique because it is capable to make sure that every contestant plays as many times against another contestant as with another, during a number of games chosen before starting the  competition. Special conditions and options can be inserted
Click also: TennisProgram

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