Bridge Results
          This is a excessively fast, friendly and clever scoring program for bridge competitions or tournaments.
It edits, calculates and process the results of bridge evenings or a bridge drive.
Written especifically for Windows you can use it on a laptop or home computer.
It merges multiple sections events and combines multiple session events.
It also includes inserting slams of all pairs and makes a overall slam-list.
It controls Match Pointing - Simple or Neuberg method , Butler, Cross IMP or Aggregate scoring.

 The main-menu :

File Edit Session Schemes Scores Results Options Help
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Table labels Scheme Plan >

Scheme Read Scheme Save

Insert     >
Execute >
Copy to Session
Copy of group  

Per cents
Match points> Frequencies 

Total  Comps
Total  Slams
Member list
Personal data.
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  Promotion / Degradation 
Order NZ/OW

Scheme Results> Renumber

Verify Slams
Import DOS file

Open Word doc.
Count list Word form
Copy Matchptn. Preferences


Important menu options are:
  - File:
Open and save:  Make a database of the club members, and subdividing them in groups.
  - Session:  Select session: Fill in the play data of a competition evening such as
     number of games,  number of rounds,  number of card-groups,  number of couples in a group and the date

  - Scheme: Scheme plan: Make playing schemes  for one of several evenings
  - Scores: Insert: Recording all scores from personal score cards  as well as from travelling score sheets.

  - Results: Match-points:  Count lists  of  games by playing group and by pair.
                     Per cents      :  Results by pair, by session and add up for all evenings.

  - Options:  Print -Options: Printer Fonts  Portrait /Landscape format etc. ..  

    Pair table bridge players                                             Insert table for travelling score sheets:


          Put the gained scores in the score-table, in the same way as on the travelling score sheets, the program uses the loaded scheme from the menu option' Schemes'. Match-points may be calculated immediately for each round with the button  <Reken>. 
In the example is one of the scores a suspicious one (600), an other is a deviated score (620).  (Pair NZ:  Not Vulnerable)
For a next /previous  round you click the Page Up / Page Down button; select next group with  the Group + and the previous group with the Group - button. Except normal there are also all sorts of arbitral scores, for instance proportional scores; scores may be 'turned' and/or different in magnitude for NZ and OW, etc....
Results are saved and add up and afterwards visible in a so called Count-list  and/or percent-list.  
Slam scores may have been made with the Menu option: Scores| Verify Slams.   

Count-list of running Competition 

Wouldl you like to try Bridge Club Results Program  use then the demo-version: BCDemo

This is a complete program with all the necessary sub-files  Download BCDemo, and save it.  After BCDemo has been saved and executed it will be automatically installed.
An original version can be ordered by submitting an Order via e-mail or filling in and send by post an OrderForm.
Even downloading, after a request as "Attachment" of a e-mail is possible.
The program is sent to you on CD, after confirmation of  payment

To download  the demo-version, click  DownloadBCUP