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Course of my life
After completed my exams of the College of Advanced Technology  (HTS) in Amsterdam and do my military service at the signal service as reserve officer I studied electrical engineering at the Technical University in Delft.
From 1964 tot 1992 I worked as a IT-engineer  at the radar-industry: "Hollandse Signaal Apparaten", well known in Twente and nowadays called THALES.
Being married to Anneke Malingré, we have a daughter, a son and in the meantime three times a grandson and one granddaughter.
Anneke Malingré studied psychology at the University of  Utrecht. Previous to that she had been finished a course as  pharmaceutical assistant and at the age of sixteen she started working for a couple of years.
Once married she has been a general manager in a big pharmacy in Hengelo during a long time
In 1985 she started an evening-training at the Art Academy (AKI) in Enschede and she passed as a artist of design after five years.  Now she is a  productive painter of art.

Exhibition of paintings on the outside of the house       Click her for greater picyture                   
      Diamantstraat 27 Boekelo
Our daughter as well as her husband studied at the university of Groningen. 
After the Master's degree and after getting promotion at the University in Tilburg they worked  at the University of the Pacifics in Suva Fiji for two years.
Subsequently, they lived in Perth Australia for two years and they had a job at the University of
West Australia. 
Since September 2002 they are back in the Netherlands and reside in Rijswij
k;  ZuidHolland
They have a son (1999) and a daughter (2001)


Our son and his wife studied hydraulic engineering and law in Delft and Utrecht.
Joost has a job as Business Manager for an Engineering company.
Ingrid is member of the Board of Directors in a Power factory. 
Both in Arnhem

They have two nice boys, born on
11 sept 2001, and
23-april 2003.


Holiday in Toscane